watermelon pops: two ways

What better way to cheer you up on Monday than taunting you with sweet treats I made this past weekend? I can’t think of a better way either!

So I got a zoku because I do what I want and I could hardly wait to take it for a spin. I bought the People’s Pops cookbook and can’t wait to try all the recipes in it. However, for my maiden voyage, I decided to just keep it simple and make two variations of the same thing for quality control purposes.

You don’t want to try to hit it out of the park right from the start. That’s like when you want to make an ombre cake and realize you’re missing a ton of ingredients but do it anyway. No, this is not a true story.

watermelon + lime (left) watermelon +basil (right)

Besides the radio for the simple syrup, I didn’t use a recipe. I just sort of winged it because the People’s Pops recipes are for 10 pops and I only wanted to make two. So you do the math on that. Plus, my mathematician was napping and I’m not great at fractions. 

Watermelon + Lime Pops
1/4 cup pureed watermelon (I wizzed it in the food processor)
3-4 teaspoons of lime simple syrup
 – I just steeped some cut limes in the hot syrup

Watermelon + Basil Pops
1/4 pureed watermelon
3-4 teaspoons of basil simple syrup

I ate the basil one first and was pleasantly surprised. However, I’d add more basil to my syrup next time for a stronger flavor. The lime one is the bomb.com and I reeeeeeaaalllyyy want to add some tequila to that bad boy.