dolla, dolla billz, y’all

In continuing the “tips for blogging success” let’s chat about money, shall we?

Oh, we shall.

Here’s the thing, what you do with your money is none of my business, just like what I do with mine (namely wipe my ass with it because I have so much) is none of yours. However, you make it my business. How? You complain about it. You talk about it. You tweet it. Facebook it. Instagram it.

You’re making me care so much I want to kill you.

Maybe your parents didn’t teach you any better, so let me. You do not talk about money. It is not proper. Got it? Keep your financial shit to yourself. It’s mostly just annoying.


You are 21 and in college, mc riddle me how you’re affording all those Chanel bags and Loubs? Who do I need to blow to get that? Or how much credit card debt do I need to be in?

I think you need to realize that. Most people have a shit ton of debt. A.K.A. they will be paying for that entire shopbop order for the next 5 years. Which is really, really smart. You should take a class on compound interest and fully understand how incredibly hard you’re screwing yourself. Because it is ridiculous.

Honestly, no one cares and we don’t want to care. So stop putting it in my face so I have to write posts about how freaking annoying you all are.