diva of the district

Just when I thought America couldn’t get any dumber, I learned about Mindy Meyer. Who is Mindy Meyer? Just a 22-year-old Conservative Republican running for New York State Senate…complete with hot pink, glitter and leopard print.


This girl is ridiculous. She is the reason why I am questioning whether or not to procreate. There is no guarantee that my daughter would not grow up to be a total assclown like this girl.

The screen shot below is straight from her site, which actually looks a lot less professional than this here blog you’re looking at. 

Are we seriously talking about Hunger Games as it relates to real fucking life!? Also, this cannot be her stance on poverty and unemployment since it appears that her job at Lisa Frank hasn’t prepared her well for the real world. Obviously campaigning in hot pink blazers with too much eyeliner is the mark of a serious candidate.

Diva of the district? Or soon to be laughing stock of the district? The final nail in the coffin that is Mindy’s ridiculousness is the LMFAO song that plays on her site. I can’t. Make it stop. 

I bet her parents think she’s special.

***All images via her website…yes I’m dead serious.