victory is mine

You know how your parents always told you that persistence pays off? It’s true. Do you know what else is true? Being a stubborn bitch pays off when dealing with retailers.


West Elm is mailing me a so-called ‘rug return kit’ which I should receive in 5 to 7 glorious business days. At which point, I respond to their email and they’ll schedule a pick up of this horrendous chevron rug. Then, drumroll please, I have a store credit coming my way.

My dearest, West Elm, you have redeemed yourself. I may have had to make several employees have “one of those days” but I don’t feel bad because the customer is always right. This rule only applies when I am the customer. Otherwise, the customer is a crazy piece of wacko.

So, the million dollar question is “what rug are you going to get?” After much discussion and painstaking research (does this rug give bad rug burns: yes or no?) I have decided on the rug below. Also, I wouldn’t mind if the rest of the room looked like this as well.


 I’m excited to not have an animal around the house that doesn’t keep me company.