overheard during my childhood

I talk a lot about my Mom on this blog, mostly because she stalks the crap out of me, but I rarely mention my Dad.

He’s pretty funny, but don’t tell him I told you that. And you don’t ever tell him, or laugh at his jokes because it only encourages it.

But for some reason last night while brushing my teeth, I was reminded of one of our weekend trips to McDonalds. Yes, my Dad would take me and the little bro to McD’s for a treat. Upon occasion. Not every weekend. Just to clear that up.


Remember Eddie the Echo and the McDouble? My Dad ordered a McDouble. When he picked up our order, brought it back to the table and opened the cardboard box which contained said McDouble he promptly said “What in the McShit is this?”

I think I was 10 or so at the time so this was wildly inappropriate. And we laughed hysterically like two little kids who just heard their father cuss, as a joke.

To this day, we still say “what in the McShit is this?”

Feel free to use it in everyday conversation.