my sweet Lucky

Some of you know, most of you don’t; my cat back home has been sick for a bit. Yesterday my parents had to put him down, marking the second time my pet was put down and I was thousands of miles away.

My Dad found Lucky at work and brought him home for my little brother and I. He was just a little kitten, seriously skittish and not too fond of strangers. But that cat was smart.

Like a dog, Lucky would come up to you and meow while touching your arm with his paw when he wanted something. If you weren’t in the room with him, he’d track you down and meow until you followed him to where he wanted to be. He loved getting petted when he came in the house. Not loved, insisted. Mom, that was awesomely annoying to train him that way.

He wasn’t a hunter like Stickers, but instead let her kick his ass on the reg. Poor guy. So when Stickers passed, Lucky was the king of his jungle and he loved it. Consequently, he became a lot more needy.

While watching Cats 101, I learned that he was an Egyptian Mau and those bad boys go for lots of money and win cat shows. Too bad Lucky didn’t have the temperament for it.Β  Hating people is not a trait that a winning cat possesses.

Lucky, we’ll miss you. I won’t miss the meowing at 4am though. Well, when I’m at my parents house.