things i’m afriad to tell you

I had originally planned on doing this post on Tuesday but for various reasons, namely this one, that just didn’t happen. So after much thought, and a bit of enticement from fellow bloggers, I have decided to take this in a different direction. 
It isn’t because I’m making light of the sometimes very personal facts that some of my fellow bloggers have shared, but because I think that as bloggers, we own these blogs and it is up to us to share what we want. We are not mandated to share our entire lives since we decided to post our thoughts on the internet.
And if anyone was going to do this, it was obviously going to be me. Here goes nothing.
 I’m afraid to tell you…
More about myself on the blog because I might scare off people with my pure awesomeness
Sometimes I’m afraid to go into the basement for fear of running into the lady that wears a camping light on her head
That I’ve never been able to say “Bloody Mary” the third time into the mirror
At Thanksgiving one year I was asked to pray and I recited, word for word, the prayer from Meet the Parents
I do not discriminate when it comes to dessert, ever
Although everyone loves Starbucks, it is always my last choice because I actually think it really, really sucks
My last name can be described in two words: bad ass
I judge everyone who wears Crocs and carries a Coach bag with the logo all over it. No, the two are not mutually exclusive 
Hope none of you are too terribly offended. #sorryimnotsorry