off to a good start…

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. Houston had a few problems with take-off. 

Of course the alarm didn’t get turned off yesterday morning and there is no way that I was late to my first day of work. Oh wait, that happened.


I am never late. Ever. It’s my thing. But of course on the day that it would matter the most to be on time, I was not. So things were off to a great start as I scurried around the apartment, trying to find something quasi-cute to wear and get ready in a span of ten minutes.

Good to know I can get ready in ten minutes.

My first day at my new job was amazing. I mean, if you don’t take into account that I didn’t have a desk until noon, but I’m going to overlook that because it was so not a big deal.

However, for the record, I am using this as a big reason why I need new night stands and my own alarm clock.