five things with fashion truffles

Hi there C.H.ers! Viv here from the fashion and style blog, Fashion Truffles. I was so happy when Christin asked me to stop by and share 5 things of myself with all you lovely people. I think I got some good ones, but I’ll let you all be the judge of that…

1. I have finger toes. No joke. My toes are super skinny and super long so my friends have always made fun of me. You want proof? Check out their awesomeness in the picture below.

2. I’m extremely clumsy. It’s almost sad. I fall and/or bump into something almost on a daily basis. It gets old…
3. I can’t whistle. Many people have tried to teach me and all that comes out is spit. I know, it’s sad. So for all you whistlers out there, go ahead, show off.
4. I had a thing with lifting my skirt and showing my undies to complete strangers when I was a little girl. My mom would try to explain that those were my “private areas” and I shouldn’t be doing that, but I just didn’t want to listen. I would run up to strangers, lift my skirt, and then run away. I was an interesting young lady.
5. English is my second language. Some of you might have already known that, but what you don’t know is my tendency to not get common American idioms quite right.  For example, I would always say “I’d like to be a mosquito on the wall when…” until Kenny finally was nice enough to tell me that I don’t want to be a mosquito, I want to be a fly. Same thing, no?!

A big thanks to Christin for having me over today!


Thank you so much for sharing, Viv! I have a SERIOUS issue with stationary objects jumping out at me all the time and I can’t whistle for crap. Quite problematic in my family since we have a family whistle. Yes. More on that later. Make sure you stop by Fashion Truffles and show Viv some love today!