sweater bun

I’m sure this debacle isn’t too far from all our minds, and in light of that, I bring you this post.

Welcome to the sweater bun. A sweater bun, what is that? It’s a bun make with a sleeve from your shrunken sweater instead of a sock. It’s also a bun that isn’t the same color as your hair, but who’s paying attention?

Step 1 – get excited.

Step 2 – get your materials. You’ll need: a sweater your boyfriend shrunk doing the laundry, an ugly dress sock for measurements and a pair of really dull scissors with a missing nut.

Step 3 – measure the sock v. sleeve

Step 4 – cut the sleeve. I also cut the hand opening off since it was baby-sized.

Step 5 –  roll that shit up into a donut. Yes, a sweater donut.

Step 6 – do your thang. I have way too much hair to roll it down, at least when it’s straight. After some freaking out via text, Alex shared this tutorial with me and it worked quite well.

Step 7 – voila, or as NBA Jam would say, boom shaka laka!

{shirt – madewell, cords – jcrew, earrings – tiffany}

You all knew I would do some genius shit with that sweater, right? Good news, sweater bun = success. Bad news, I still have to take the subway.