first timer

Last night on the way home the NYC Subway was an absolute mess. I would tell you what happened to cause the ridiculousness however, all it said on the mta website was “a police investigation at Bleecker street” and it still isn’t “news” today.

My neighbor and I had to take an alternate route home. Much to our dismay, we had the pleasure of riding on the NQR line or one of the most ghetto and decrepit lines that is still running. I don’t have anything against the line, but the trains are downright offensive.

{this is the view from my apartment if you sit on the ledge of the window and look to your right}

 But I’m not here to bash the subway; I’ve already done that. I’m here to talk about a first for me.

The bus.

Yes, I rode the bus home.

I was assured that the bus the correct option where public transportation is concerned. There is always a seat, it isn’t crowded and that all passengers are quite civil. Yea, not last night.

The bus was crowded. It made 10, count it…ten, stops. And everyone was freaking out.

But we all know I have the worst luck in the world.

Overall, however hellish that ride was for me, I’d say that I’m not traumatized enough to never take the bus again. I’d even consider it but only if the subway has it’s damn act together.

The good thing about the bus? It literally dropped me off in front of my building. You can’t beat that folks. I have to walk a solid half mile home from the subway, so this was sort of like a taxi. Or I guess you could say a limo. A really big limo, that isn’t that nice with a shit ton of strangers.

So all in all, I guess the bus is okay. It is definitely better than the subway. It smells a hell of a lot less.