five things with vmac + cheese

May I start this post out by saying how absolutely thrilled I am about today’s feature? And honestly, thrilled hardly sums up my excitement.

If you all don’t know Victoria, I feel sorry for you. She has an amazing blog called vmac + cheese and recently launched her own business, VIVALEUR. On top of just being awesome 24/7, she also lives in San Francisco, which I love. We bonded over hating that people randomly assign us nicknames without our consent. FYI. Her name is not Vicky or anything other than Victoria. I presume she’d let you get away with calling her vmac, but you should get her permission first.

Keep reading to learn five things about Victoria that you probably don’t already know. I completely relate to numero uno and number five is outstanding.

1. I’m semi-prone to fainting. I’ve fainted several times in my life, but most commonly when I’m being super clumsy — once, it was when I hit my funny bone very hard on a door, and another time was when I was in Whole Foods and accidentally dropped a bottle of wine on my foot. Yeah, that last one was a little embarrassing.
2. Over the years I’ve developed a major fear of heights. Even watching people look over balconies on TV gives me bad vertigo. I don’t think I could ever skydive.
 3. I don’t drink milk. Not in cereal (sick), not with cookies, definitely not in smoothies, not in coffee, no lattes, nothing. But, bizarrely enough, I have no problem with cheese, ice cream (when it isn’t too melted) or cream sauces. It’s a weird texture thing. Plus, if I have too much of it, it gives me the worst stomach ache.
 4. I never learned how to properly swim. Sure, I can swim breast stroke style, but I never learned how to swim doing a freestyle stroke. I’ve thought about doing a partial triathlon (even though I HATE running — welcome to my “idea of the week” mentality), but they’re quickly ruled out because I can’t swim correctly.
5. I also can’t float in water. Have never in my entire life been able to. I don’t understand how people do it. It’s magic, I tell you.
I feel like Victoria and I could possibly be sisters from another mister because I was (and am), hands down, the laziest swimmer in the history of America. Hundreds of dollars down the crapper on that one since I doggy paddle around the pool.