homemade snickers

Pinterest is a deadly weapon. Deadly, I say.

So deadly that I had to go to two different stores to procure all of the ingredients I needed. Ingredients for what, you say? Homemade Snickers.

Yes, that is correct, bitches. Homemade Snickers. I made homemade Snickers, like a boss.

They took me a few hours to do, and while making them I had to take a guacamole break. But, my friends, these are insane.

Off the hook. Like “make you famous” status. This dessert is what dreams are made of. Consequently, if your dream is to be a model, it could ruin it. So, let the buyer beware. Or baker. Whatever.

{yea, they’re 4 layers}
I ate a lot of these, ok like three, last night and wanted to throw up. So don’t do that. Or do that, the choice is yours.
The recipe is from here and I followed it to the “t”.