five things with things that sparkle

It’s Friday everyone and you know what that means, another fun installment of five things with a blogger you need to know.

This week we have the uber-talented Alex from things that sparkle. I honestly admire her, she launched her own interior design business and is kicking some serious ass. When Alex isn’t creating the spaces of her client’s dreams, she’s busy planning her wedding and just plain being awesome. Oh and she’s from Chicago and you know how I have a thing for the Chicago bloggers.

1. I never learned how to ride a bike but spinning has recently become my favorite way to exercise.
2. I loathe movie theatres and actually dont even love watching movies at home either.
3. My hair started to go grey when I was about 20 years old. I’ve been coloring my hair ever since. 
    If I didn’t I think I would actually be salt and pepper.
4. I am not really a big meat eater but I love sausage (on pizza, off the grill, in my pasta, all of it!)
5. I am the oldest of 5. The youngest is 20 years younger than me.
I don’t know about you all, but I am majorly freaked out by the seats at movie theaters.  Also, can we talk about how adorable the candid photo of the whole fam (plus Spencer – Alex’s fiance) is? 
While you’re at it, don’t miss her feature in Ivy & Piper‘s March Issue (page 54)! 
So move your tail on out of here and over to see Alex!