Last week my boyfriend did a really nice thing: the laundry. I’m not going to say that I was 100% confident in his ability to do so, nor was I thrilled about the proposition.

I’ve know him for 9 years, people.

I knew something would happen. I even said, aloud, “I’m pretty sure something is going to go wrong.” Maybe I jinxed him or maybe he just sucks at laundry.

All I know is that when we were putting it away I found this gem. May I preface by saying I had one of ‘those’ days and would have cried if someone looked at me wrong?

But to get the full effect of what went down in the dryer last Thursday…

And on top for the full comparison. No it does not still fit and no I did not actually try it on. My laziness knows no bounds.
Just look at the freaking sleeves on these things!
Anyone having a little girl that needs a sweater?
If you can imagine how I reacted, you’re probably wrong. I started laughing hysterically. Hys-ter-ically. It was the highlight of my day. Plus, I kinda seriously hated that sweater. 
I think I might cut off the sleeves and use them in place of a sock for a sock bun. It will transition well to when my hair goes grey from all the stress I undertake riding public transportation daily, no?