stripes, stripes baby

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m still decorating our apartment. No, we didn’t move in nearly six months ago. A girl needs to take her time. Especially when that girl works…a lot. So cut me some slack.

I wanted to do something fun in what we affectionately call “the little room”. I went back and forth between using Tempaper, or a super dark color, or a light color. But when I saw this on Court + Hudson, I knew exactly what we would do.


Not just any stripes. No, no. Gold stripes.

When I told my boyfriend the fate of the little room via text, the conversation unfolded as follows:
         Me: I want to paint the little room first.
         BF: Oh really?
         Me: Yes, gold stripes.
         BF: Gold stripes? Have you ever painted before?
         Me: What do you think? (Clearly the answer is no. I have supervised a number of painting
                 projects which counts for painting, no?)
        BF: This sounds like something I should be involved in.
        Me: Whatever.

Friday we went to the Depot (read Home Depot) and got all the essentials. I used Martha Stewart’s precious metals in Tigers Eye. Mostly because I liked the color but partially because I like the song by Survivor.

Saturday we taped. With nearly 10′ ceilings, the boyfriend made 11 3/8″ stripes and taped them. I watched and made sure they were straight. I also held the tape. I’m obviously very handy.

And after a few hours we had lots of tape.

Yes, those cords are there for good. Yes, they piss me off. That is what happens when you need to run cable from your front door to your bedroom. Deal with it.

And on the 7th day, they painted.

{isn’t it lovely?}

Line by line, corner by corner we painted the five walls of the room. We still have bits to touch up but I’ve been informed that “in construction, nothing is perfect”.

{swiffer me timbers}

What do you think? I love it. We’re getting a new couch and I’m not nearly done yet but at least I can scratch “paint stripes on walls” off the list.

My Dad said “Wow, he must really love you, he did a good job!”

Thanks, Dad.