five things with the saga of a twentysomething

Since you all really enjoyed my post last Friday, I thought it would be fun to have some of my favorite bloggers over here to share five things about them that you probably don’t know.

First up is the lovely Alex who is a blog friend turned real-friend. Homegirl is hilarious and I heart her, so you should too. Plus, she knows her way around most Asian food menus. This comes in handy and I’m being serious.


 Hey all! Alex here, from the saga of a twenty-something. Oh, you’ve never seen my blog before. BAM. Go look. Oh, you love my blog? Thanks, love ya too.

me + my cute pup Toby

So our lovely friend Christin asked me to share five things about myself with you all, things that you probably didn’t know about me before. Prepare to have your mind blown.

1 | I almost drowned once. When I was a youngin’, I was at the beach with my family. There I was, innocently playing in the shallow water. WHOOSH. There goes little Alex. Off into the undertow. I don’t remember a whole lot of what happened, but a lovely beach-goer did save me. By pulling me out by my hair. I lost a huge chunk of hair (resulting in a massive bald spot for some miserable amount of time), but I lived. So I guesssss it’s a good tradeoff.

2 | I was a 10-pound baby. Let that one sink in for a little bit…

3 | I don’t know how to roll my Rs. Don’t bother trying to teach me. It’s not going to happen. French class was always miserable for me.

4 | I’m a classically trained violinist. I don’t really talk about this a lot on the Interwebz. But yeah, my violin skillz are off the hook. For 12 years, I planned on becoming a professional violinist. I used to doodle myself wearing New England Conservatory sweatshirts. It was seriously out of control.

5 | Apparently, I talk in my sleep. I can’t actually tell if this one’s the truth. I don’t believe it. But apparently it’s true. So says the goober who shares my bed.


So there it is. Five things about myself. Still want to know more? Come on over to my blog, stay while.