product review: truth art beauty

You may or may not know that I’m a legitimate product freak. Rest assured, I am. I have a medicine cabinet and like three bins full of different potions.

Over the past year I’ve gotten more and more anal retentive about all-natural and organic products in the house. Period.

When I caught wind of Truth Art Beauty an all-organic, all-natural line of skincare products I swear that the heavens opened and I could hear the angels singing! Seriously, angels. Singing. You got that?

I instantly started creating my personalized blends according to my specific skincare needs. Yea, these ladies are no dummies, they know that not everyone needs the same thing. I created a face nourish with the argan oil base, anti-aging, texture refining & firming boosts. Then I decided to go hog wild and create a body salve, because why not?

My blend for that was the organic apricot base with the nutrient and elasticity boost and the citrus floral essential oil.

Within a few days my creations had arrived, in the cutest packaging with a hand written thank you note! Guys, hand written!

I know, you’re thinking “Oils? Christin, get out of town! Those will legit make me look all pizza-faced and what not.” No, siree bob. My skin looks amazeballs and yours will too. And if you don’t like it? 100% money back. That is no joke. So I think you should try it, mostly because I did and I’m always right. Obviously.

*I was in no way compensated for this review. It is fully my opinion and I purchased both products mentioned at full price so obviously I’m not lying. When it’s my moolah, I’m extra freaking honest.