I know I don’t talk a lot about my boyfriend, the mystery painter, on here often but I feel like I should because he’s very entertaining.

So to you, I present, a sampling of hilarious text messages between he and I.

Me: I’m in line at the post office and I want to die.
BF: That’s so weird, I was literally thinking about how much the post office sucks when I read
       your text.

Me: Life tips apparently. It’s like “yes, because you’re obviously winning at life”.
BF: Wow…that’s even more embarrassing…I thought he meant career tips…his life is a mess.

Me: Do you like Cobb Salads?
BF: Not even sure what that is
Me: Jesus Christ.

Me: Don’t forget the food items 🙂
BF: Oh yeah…some sort of dead animal?

Me: Do you know what quiche is? (see, I learned my lesson from the Cobb Salad incident of 2k12)
BF: Yes, along with being only one of a few foods that begin with q. It is akin to a casserole…why?
Me: Because it’s what’s for dinner.

What did you all think? Want me to keep them coming or keep them to myself?