five things with in honor of design

Everyone has blogs they go to for inspiration and if you don’t go to In Honor of Design, you are seriously missing out. Anna has a most beautiful blog that is full of all things inspiring. This is no joke. She is also seriously sweet and super talented. Honestly, go check it out for yourself. I mean, the DIYs are out of this world. This and this are at the top of my ‘to make (or attempt)’ list.

seriously, how freaking adorable!?

1. I love watching a tv series on netflix after its had at least 2 seasons so then I can watch episode after episode on Friday nights. Latest fix: White Color (in between Downton Abbey of course).
 2. I have ten brothers and sisters. Yes TEN:) I had the best childhood. When I tell people this they get cross eyed or stutter. Its kind of fun to see the reactions. 
 3. Asissi, Italy is by far one of my favorite cities in the world. Its as if you stepped out of this century and into the past. The food, the view, the cobblestone streets. Its a piece of heaven on earth! 
4. I  tried a different sport every year growing up. This includes ballet, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, flag football, skiing, tennis, etc. I loved each and every one of them. The problem was, I never stuck with one long enough to be really good at any of them! 
5. I have experienced both a kidney stone and natural childbirth. Kidney stones are worse! <---- this scares me, guys!