my natural beauty routine

I think it’s very important to know what you’re putting in and on your body. I’ll admit that sometimes I take this to the extreme, but more often than not, I just try to keep it real. Overall, I believe in balance and I’m no fool. I fully understand that there are certain things out of my control. However, my beauty routine is not one of them.

Let’s get real, I use a lot of products. I like having options, so sue me. I think it’s good to have an array of products in your arsenal for when you’re skin is extra dry or randomly breaking out. I’m always prepared, like a boy scout.

Obviously, I love Korres. When you find a winner, you’ve got to stick with it.

The Milk Proteins Cleanser is amazing for more than one reason. It’s super gentle yet effective and I love that it’s a foaming cleanser. I don’t know about you, but I like to tell that my cleanser is “working”. Best of all, it doubles as a makeup remover. My laziness adores this cleanser.

I’ve been using the Quercetin & Oak line for over a year and I love it. It’s amazing for dry skin and works wonders with fine lines. The eye cream definitely lessens under eye circles. Let the record state that I do not have “dry skin”. I have 100% combination skin and this is awesome.

Josie Maran rocks my world. Seriously. I adore this SPF moisturizer. It doesn’t make my skin greasy but instead an awesome dewy look. Also, it’s SPF 40 so we’re not messing around and it smells good too!

Argan Oil is a necessity in any beauty regimen. I use this at night. You can get this almost anywhere now.

I don’t have acne but my face does break out occasionally and I love acnevir because it contains sulfur which might not smell great but does it’s job on the asap. They also sell this at select Bed, Bath & Beyond stores (I don’t know if we’ll have time).

Does anyone have any questions, comments or concerns?