celebrity doppleganger

Since I’ve started working at BaubleBar, I can say that my presence on the internet has skyrocketed. You may have seen me on your friendly, local Facebook page or your instagram feed ‘modeling’ some fly ass necklaces.

You’ve seen them and you’re jealous. It’s okay, it’s totally normal.

Anyway, I have noticed that people love to play celebrity doppelganger with me. Giving their two cents as to whom they believe me to look like.

On this photo two people thought I looked like Sophia Bush, which is not one I usually get.

And here we have one vote Heidi Klum, and one vote Mary Louise Parker.

Now the normal celebrities are Heidi Klum (aka the best compliment of all life), Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Love Hewitt oh and some slore named Victoria Justice who I don’t know anything about.

What say you?

Also, don’t miss my guest post over at a {little} dash of ash today! I’m participating in her Summer of Prep series which is a lot of fun!

Ps – hair tutorials coming soon! Get excited, bitches.