hair today, gone tomorrow?

I have an appointment this Saturday for a haircut. Now, what that specifically entails is yet to be determined. However, I have definitely been thinking that my hair is just way too fucking long lately. It is about two inches above the top of my pants. Which by normal people standards is long.

Aside from it being long, it’s really heavy and I can’t do much with it because there is a) too much of it and b) putting it in anything other than a side braid actually hurts. Which brings me to my next point. That I think I want to cut it.

I didn’t really think of anything other than a trim until I saw this photo posted on the J Brand facebook page. Then I thought “hmmm…I really, really like this”. So readers, I give you this.

Sophia or me? That is seriously low long my hair is now but a front view doesn’t even do it justice. What do you think? Cut it into an actual style or just trim it?