fresh kicks

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to the comfort that dressing like a boy has to offer. It is impossible to do a proper dismount from the bars at recess in a dress and saddle shoes. Impossible. It is very possible in a hoodie, jeans and sneakers. Which was my outfit du jour nearly every day, much to the dismay of my mother.

If it looked like it was for girls, I was not interested. Plain and simple. I’m pretty sure this is what leads me into my obsession with sneakers as an adult.


fashion sneakers


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A lot of people confess that they don’t know how to wear sneakers and I think it’s silly but could see how it would be hard to figure out amongst all the flats, pumps and booties. When in doubt, I keep the rest of my look feminine or really dressed down. For example, one of my favorite looks is my high tops, dark skinnies and an oversized sweater. I really let the shoes steal the show. But for those not bold enough to venture into the land of printed sneakers leather converse and those adidas are great too!

Pair them with a pair of skinny jeans that are rolled, and a cute striped tee. Or forget being simple, wear them with your favorite button down! The options are endless.

Any more questions, class?