flower power

As promised, this is the second half of this post. Now, if you thought I wasn’t going to pull out some fresh-to-death kicks, you might be taking crazy pills because I obviously did. They are my favorites and I’m really glad I bought them two years ago. Yes, to me high tops were never out of style. Ever. Not since New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits. Don’t worry guys, Chinese food doesn’t make me sick.

Also, my pants are not this tight, but they are when you wear tights under them and you’re too lazy to take said tights off so deal with it, people.

walking down the street

chambray // sweater // coat (similar) // jeans // shoes (nike, old) // sunglasses // nail polish

I would also like to point out that this is the last time you’ll see my hair this long for a long time. And this dark. Praise be to allah.

nike floral sneakerswhat to wear with sneakers

Why you gotta come to my hood and take pictures of me while I’m standing here like I own the place? Huh?

Also, I would just like to give you all a huge shout out for being so incredibly amazing about the frequency of posts here. I’m aiming for a Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine so be sure to add me to your reader or like me on FB, etc to know when I post.

photos by the amazing Lydia Hudgens