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Who said all fashion posts had to be serious? Well, I guess one blogger did sort of pioneer that. But hey, we can all be awkward in our own ways. So the other day, I said “hey, why not!?” and decided to be a little weird. You know, just to keep things spicy around here. Also, I had no idea my hair was this dark. We’re going to have to do something about that.

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bright pink and patterned skirtchambray, sweater, skirt, watchΒ (similar), tights, (not pictured – these)

We can just pretend that my hair was blowing like that on purpose and that I wasn’t standing in the middle of a wind tunnel. To warm myself up? A dance, of course!


How awkward is this shit? Obviously, Β I have no shame. And yes, there were passersby. Also, get excited because I’m showing you how to style the sweater and chambray a totally different way on Friday. Hooray!

photos by the amazing Lydia Hudgens