five things with curly in the city

It’s Friday and you know what that means…a new five things feature!

Today we have one of my favorite Chicago bloggers, Taylor from Curly in the City. Okay, for the record, I think I love all the Chicago bloggers equally and you all know who you are. Back to the story.

I heart Taylor.

She is funny, stylish, home girl can cook and a huge bonus here, we have the same Crate & Barrel throw pillows. Can you say ‘soul mates’?



Without further ado, here are five things about Taylor that you probably don’t know. And if you do, please remain quiet until the end of this post so you don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Thank you.

1 – I was a Cheerleader. I cheered in Pop Warner all the way through College. Laugh now, I know all the jokes. I was the girl at the top of the pyramids, one tumbling across the mat, and probably the annoying hyper one trying to get you to cheer for the school! GO GO GO!

2 – I am not afraid of much. But my fear of snakes is irrational, irrationally hard core. I can barely watch them on TV!!! I can trace it back to the time I tripped and fell while camping and landed literally next to a coiled up rattlesnake. 
3 – I saved a girl from drowning and gave her CPR until the Medics came. Well others had to help me get her out of the pool but I gave her the CPR. It was scary but what they say about instincts , it’s all true. All those years of Girl Scout first aid training came right back. 
4 – I don’t have a birthmark. Random but tru-ish. They had to be removed when I was a baby, so I guess I have a scar for a birthmark. 
5 – I have a national title in Ice Skating, well Ice Dancing to be exact. Junior level Champions waaaaay back in the day. Again, like the cheerleading, something I don’t ever really talk about even though it was such a huge part of my life for my entire childhood. I skated & practiced along side Michelle Kwan and Sasha Cohen – not like name dropping will help you have any clue who they are, LOL. My medal is framed on the floor in the back of the hall closet in case you want proof. 
Um, now I am more certain, than ever, that we are soul mates. I was a cheerleader too. You can ask my physical therapist. He’ll give you a nice eye roll. However, I have no Ice Dancing trophies to my name. Now I feel inadequate. 
For the record, I know who Michelle Kwan is. For a hot second I had her confused with Kristi Yamaguchi, but I’m straight now. 
Please do yourself a favor and go check out Taylor’s blog. You won’t regret it.