cat shopping

Yesterday at work it was decided: I was going to get a cat.

I like cats.

I had two cats.

Then they died.

And I want a friend.

So the obvious thing to do was to hop on petfinder and find me a kitty. And a lot of kitties I did find. These are three of my favorites.


hazel – i’d change her name FOR sure

When I got home I told my boyfriend about said ‘cat shopping’. Needless to say, he pretty much squashed my hopes and dreams of adopting a cat tomorrow. Apparently I’m ‘never home’ and he would ‘have to take care of it’ and he ‘doesn’t see why I need a cat when I have him’. Is this not obvious? He isn’t a cat.

I want a fucking furry friend!

But I conceded. With the caveat that when I no longer have a desk job, I am getting a cat. I might even get two just to make a point.