the challenge.

You know when you have a post queued up and then you wake up and you think “yea, I don’t want to address that today?” Welcome to my life.

Having been inspired by my pal {AV}, not lent – for the record, I think this is a good idea. No spending for 30 days. She did 60, I’m not that disciplined. We’ll start with 30 and see how this all pans out.


 I know what you’re thinking ‘uh….aren’t you trying to like finish that apartment you live in or whatever?’ and the answer to that is yes.

Obviously I’d put rules on a spending freeze.

I’m only allowed to spend my budgeted amount on the apartment (which I will under no circumstances disclose on the internet) and that’s that. No clothes.

Which is funny because my clothes suck.

This is no joke.

When you work in restaurants for years, this will happen. That coupled with working where it’s acceptable to not dress up makes for a lazy wardrobe.

So we’ll see. But in the meantime, the no spending money starts on March 1…and we’ll see how this goes.