you might not know…

I thought it would be sort of fun and self-deprecating to share a few things with you that I usually wouldn’t. But against my better judgment, here…we…go….


First, can we discuss this photo? That is my balance beam in the foreground. The girl in the acid wash jeans and sweet bangs? Me. The little boy hitting the dog with the air rifle? That’s my little brother and this is proof that he, in fact, used to beat the dog. Kids are the worst.

  • In 7th grade I cut all of my hair off. Imagine my hair now…in a pixie…before the time of flatirons. Yes, it was horrible.
  • Speaking of hair, on my left temple I have a huge bald spot. I like to call it my “awesome patch”.
  • I passed out in 6th grade while reading “Maroo of the Winter Caves” in class. All the kids thought I died.
  • Speaking of passing out, needles send me to another level. I have to get blood work done next week; I’ve asked for a sedative.
  • My attention span for non-reality TV is about 20 seconds.
  • I have a bedtime. I’m also 28 years old.
  • While we’re talking bedtimes, when I was little I always wanted to go to bed at 6:30pm so my parents would force (yes) me to stay up later. To this day, I ask if I can go to bed now whether it’s out loud or just in my head.
  • I refused to play with girl’s toys when I was a child.
  • Also, no dresses for me. I was a big fan of jeans and high tops, specifically my fancy LA Gears.

So now you know that I was obviously the most awesome kid ever. EV-ER.