wedding recap

I decided that I’m going to hit the blogosphere hard on Wedding Wednesday with my own spin on said subject. So, until then you’ll get a ‘weekend in review’ via my instagram photos.

Thursday was hell on earth. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. Starting with me having to get my ass out of bed at 4:45am. If you ask me, getting up at such an hour is complete horse shit. I got to the airport early, got my boarding passes and was off to the gate.

This is where I give a big shout out to LaGuardia for being total fucking assholes. Thanks guys. Have you never de-iced a plane before? Not to mention, our plane was coming “from a remote location”. What the hell is that?

So we were seriously delayed. I passed out waiting on the tarmac so I couldn’t tell you how long we waited but I have zero recollection of taking off. But I do of landing because Southwest refused to hold the plane for the 20 of us trying to make our connection in Baltimore. So we missed it…by FIVE minutes. Really?

Then I went to Chicago. And I waited for three hours before my flight to Kansas City was to depart. By this point, I wanted to walk up to the line at McDonald’s and just start mocking people. But I was too tired.

My flight home wasn’t much better. The moral of the story is that I need to become filthy rich on the double so I can charter my own jets.

wedding day cupcakes
clutch + bubbles
the bride
I guess the cupcakes are also fitting for Valentines Day. Which I think is a scam. Why don’t women expect their men to make them feel special everyday? I sure as hell do. 
However, today would have been my grandmother’s 94th birthday. While everyone is celebrating a holiday made up by Mr. Hall of Kansas City, I’ll be pouring Old English on my Grandma’s grave. And some for her homies too. In spirit of course, since I won’t be in California. 
My mom probably wants to kill me right now. Good thing there is an extra space at the family crypt.