that was…interesting

Or totally freaking miserable. I’ll let you decide.

It was a lovely morning, in the high 50s. Overall, I’d say it was quite the idyllic NYC fall morning. When I walked out of my lobby, I felt instantly better. I had forgotten that I hated waking up. I made no mention of recalling how my boyfriend made a huge mess in the kitchen. Note to readers: when you make coffee, it is best to put the pot in the coffee maker or you will have a mess of epic proportions on your hands. At least I was asleep when this happened. And I totally blocked out the fact that I dropped my oatmeal all over the floor.



There were crowds of people pouring out of the subway station. It was quite odd, like nothing I’d ever seen before. Maybe all the trains had arrived at once? Huh. Then the next train wasn’t coming for 15 minutes. Also a bit strange. But ok, it’s the subway. Then all the trains are running on the local track and there are scores of people waiting in line. Too.many.people.

So we walked from 86th street to 28th street. 3 freaking miles. In the morning. On a Monday. I was late for a meeting and knew I’d have a million emails waiting for me.

Needless to say, yesterday was a rough day at the office and I wish I had stayed in bed. Also, I had three doughnuts and two kit kats for lunch. Who am I? Apparently someone who is PMSing. Add that to my Monday.

Today seems to be off to a better start since AV from Long Distance Loving announced THIS! Yay!!! Blogger Blitz NYC. Sign up now, homegirls. Space is limited.