Sleeper Sofa: easier said than purchased

As you may know, I recently moved into an amazing apartment in NYC. You also may know that if I get a sleeper sofa, my boyfriend’s mother will buy it for us. Done and done. Well, actually I think I may have spoke too soon.

You see, it isn’t an easy task to find a sleeper sofa to fit in our small living room. Our new bedroom is about two times as large as the whole of our old place, but this new living room is a bit strange. To put the sleeper sofa I want (see photo below) in it, would essentially take up the whole room and I just can’t have that.

henry sleeper from west elm

I know, I know…it is so perfect. Only it isn’t. It just happens to be the slightest bit too large. Also, I fear with getting a normal sofa that the room will become small and fast. So onto a sofa sleeper that is so unlike me: the armless.

These are essentially futons and it took me an hour or two of browsing to warm up to the idea. You’ve gotta make some sacrifices if you’d like to have an ottoman, a sofa AND be able to walk around your damn living room. I’ve narrowed it down. Or at least I think I’ve narrowed it down. This is where you all come in, I need your help.

Some of my readers actually have design blogs, you know who you are, and I fully expect your comments below. What kind of blog friends would we be if you couldn’t tell me if I’m making a terrible choice on a free sofa? Exactly. Below are those that have made the short list.

First up we have the Flat Out Sleeper from Blu Dot. I like this, not sure if I love it. I’m really liking the red and the smoke. My apartment is a lovely cream and I’m not painting. FYI.

The next sofa is from Blu Dot as well. I’m tempted to get this one just because I really like the name. If you have the balls to call a sofa the One Night Stand, you have my business.

Then there is this number from CB2 called the flex gravel. Meh, it has good enough reviews. I guess I like it. Everything is starting to look the same to me…

Last but not least, we have the Elke sofa from Room & Board. I really like everything about this except the color. We are not a household of non-spillers and I’m quite certain it would only take a week to get this to a lovely dalmatian pattern.

I’m kicking around the idea of popping into Bo Concept and a few other stores. Please, if you have any suggestions, tell me. I have a real short attention span for things like this. For serious.

So what do you think? Which one would you choose?