prosciutto-wrapped eggs

Here’s the thing about breakfast, at least for me, if it isn’t easy, I’m not going to eat it. Quite literally. Things that are easy include: smoothies, fruit, leftovers including cheeseburgers for breakfast, and eggs that I don’t need to watch. Enter these prosciutto-wrapped eggs. They are tasty, super easy, and virtually hands-off. So while I’m getting ready, my breakfast can be also.


prosciutto-wrapped eggs || via

Also, can we talk about how it’s been a million degrees lately? Well it has, okay. Consequently, I am looking into smaller muffin pans for my toaster oven because I cannot, under no circumstances, fire up the oven in the morning. However, that is a different story for a different day sort of like how I yearn for central air conditioning.

prosciutto-wrapped eggs – serves 1

2 eggs
4 slices of prosciutto
anything else you’d like to eat with your eggs

1. Preheat your oven to 400º, meanwhile get out your muffin pan. I’ve found that using liners makes cleanup non-existant, but you can do what you want.
2. Line two of the cups with prosciutto. I used two pieces per cup just so the eggs wouldn’t be able to escape and also because I really like prosciutto
3. Crack one egg into each cup
4. Put in oven for about 9 minutes if you’d like the yolks not to be set, the whites will be, don’t freak out. Cook longer if you’d like more of a hard-boiled consistency
5. Remove from oven, duh, and enjoy