laundry day

Yesterday was a pretty lazy Sunday. O.k., it was a really lazy Sunday but who are you to judge? I kinda did nothing and it was glorious. Well, I did laundry.

That’s where the story begins.

Some of you may have seen this photo on instagram yesterday. It’s the cat that lives in our building, Stone. She’s pretty chubbs because everyone feeds her. She’s also really spoiled and always wants attention. Take note of the pants shown in this photo.

We put everything into the 5 washers and went back upstairs to wait for the loads to finish. One of my serious pet peeves is when people take my crap out of the washers. Someone did this yesterday. I mean, come on. I time it perfectly so that all my loads are done at the same time and come down not too late thereafter, because I’m not a total punk. But impatient Irene just HAD to put my boyfriend’s dress shirts on the table. Slore.

Just then I was faced with a dilemma. Two dryers available, three filled with clothes that had been not running for some time. Argh! Where is the person who belongs to this Alexander McQueen scarf that she doesn’t like. Obviously she doesn’t like it because she put it in the dryer. Who does that?

Soon enough she walks in. Workout pants, black puffer jacket, beanie and Nikes. Like she’s working out. She keeps looking at me like I’m crazy. Right, crazy like a fox for not working out. Ugh, whatever. She’s obviously got issues.

We gather the non – dryables and head back to the elevator when I notice something. This is a joke, right? There is no chance that this is happening to me. My ass was showing. Yes. My TEN year old American Eagle PJ pants had failed me and split completely at the seam. WTF. No one told me! This is why she was staring at me like I was a freak.

So let’s start off this week hoping I don’t show anymore strangers my ass.