friend or foe?

There is one huge thing that I don’t understand about the blogging community. I actually cringe when I  mention the words “blogging community” because I think it’s one of the most ridiculous things. Why? Probably because I’m not much into communities of sorts. I like to be an individual and if that makes me a bad person, then so be it. But I digress, the main thing that I don’t understand about the blogging community is the forced “community”.

Yes, forced. We’re all supposed to be friends and hold hands and dance around a camp fire? We’re all supposed to love each other’s blogs and be nice to in comments and on twitter but secretly talk shit behind each other’s backs?


Why? I don’t get it.

It is absolutely illogical to think that every single person in a community will be friends, so what makes blogging different?

I know that most bloggers won’t say this, and that’s fine, I will. Someone needs to fucking air it out. Blogging is not a mandate that we all be friends, hold hands and sing songs. It isn’t realistic and it’s not going to happen. I fully believe that one day someone is going to write some nasty shit about me on get off my internets and that’s fine because you know what? It comes with the territory.

You cannot be that naive to think that you are going to put your (entire) life on the internet and no one is going to have something to say about it. If you think that, you should stop blogging right now and save yourself the mental anguish. And the odds are very good that there are plenty of bloggers that you don’t like yourself.

So before we take to rants on our blogs about being nice and womanhood and other lame shit, can we just stop and think about what people in real life are doing while they’re being normal? Not bitching about people not fucking being nice to them on their outfit post. Or calling them fat or other things that have happened on the internet. I know what will solve all of your problems, if you stop blogging.

Perhaps GOMI is onto something…