five things with simply irresistible

I may be partial, but I think this has the makings of one of the best series’ in the blogosphere. Seriously. That being said, today we have one of my lovely pals, Lara from Simply Irresistible. Love her blog. If you don’t read it, shame, shame, shame on you. She’s an amazing cook and has an impeccable eye! Also, she’s a contributor for The Everygirl! Lara and I have real life friends in common, although we’ve never met in person. And that, my friends, is like a cyber hug. We’re pretty tight. It was Lara’s birthday on Tuesday so pop on over and wish her a happy belated birthday or forever be known as a whorezilla.


Now we shall cut to the chase and get down to brass tacks. Lara’s five random things about her that you probably don’t know. Trust, I know a lot of random things about random people and I think Lara’s list might even top mine.

1.  I am allergic to fish with fins {tuna, salmon, talapia, halibut …the healthy stuff} however, I can eat shell fish {lobster, crabs,mussels, shrimp … the kind that’s usually covered in a buttery sauce}. I am also allergic to a plethora of other things – but I want to keep things interesting so let’s move on.

2.  I have a huge girl crush on Jen Aniston. Therefore, I think Angie is kind of a slut. <----- I concur with this only I'd say she's a huge home wrecking whore. 3. As a kid, I collected insects. Yes, the normal and more acceptable kinds like fireflies, but also the gross kind, like cicadas. SO disgusting, I know. 4.   I am absolutely terrified of roller coasters or anything that includes speed, lack of control, and the ability to gain momentum. Two years ago I cried at Six Flags and last year I cried at the top of a
ski mountain {fine, it was the bunny hill… shut it}. I’m also terrified of diving into water. I don’t know how to and I never want to learn.

5.   I have never broken a bone {except possibly my nose – there was never an x-ray so we will mark that one inconclusive}.

How fun were those five things? Now scoot, go check out Lara’s blog!