five things with and everything nice

Today’s five things post features Anna of And Everything Nice. Don’t let the blog name fool you, she’s pretty funny and very normal. You know those people who you can just tell are good people? She’s one of them and it may or may not be because she lives in Oklahoma. Plus she owns a juicer (shouldn’t we all?) and has an adorable pug named Winston who is a star on instagram.
1. I have an “irrational” fear of moths. Irrational is in quotes because I don’t really think it’s that absurd since I was attacked maliciously by one years ago and have never been the same since. I’m being dramatic, but I’m dead serious. My husband thinks it’s funny. I think he’s rude. Look at this photo; it’s fat furry body, those antennae…yuk. Just gross. 
2. I can relate just about any life story to a Friends episode, and feel that I have a special bond with Rachel. We share lots of quirks. For example, we both hate having anything near our eyes and refuse to use eye-drops. I freak out if there’s a finger near my eye and I whine like a baby if I ever have to use eye-drops. Needless to say I do not use them for fun. 
3. I married my best friend. I know a lot of people say this, but it’s absolutely true. There’s no one I tell more to than my husband. I know I can be myself around him & he won’t judge me (because he can’t..ha). March 2012 marks our 7th anniversary, and June is our 4 year wedding anniversary. I am so lucky. 
4. I can’t snap or whistle. I tried to learn how for many years and I just couldn’t do it. It still drives me crazy that I can’t. I’d love to whistle while I work. 
5. I was a cute baby. Yeah, I hate to brag but it’s true. My mom might kill me for posting a photo of her with short hair. But don’t focus on her. Focus on me, the cute baby. 

In case you didn’t get enough of me, I’m guest posting for Alex today and I told a short story on Tammy’s blog. I know, I’ve been busy!