five things with a little dash of ash

For your reading pleasure, today we have the pleasure of some very good company. When I met Ashley from a {little} dash of ash back in November, it solidified that she was one of the nicest bloggers out there. She started her blog to share the things she loves and luckily for all of us, what she loves is nothing short of amazing.  Also, she has one of the most amazing boyfriends of all time. That is no joke at all, I know this for a fact.

1. I have the best boyfriend in the world… and I am head over heels in love with him!  We have the best meeting story ever… right out of a movie!! If you missed it, you can read it {here}!

2. 8 months until I turn 30 – and I.CAN’T.WAIT! Seriously, I truly believe my 30’s will be the best years of my life and I am ready for them to begin! The only thing I haven’t accomplished on my ‘before I turn 30 bucket list’ is to go to Paris!  I am currently planning our trip there now… I seriously dream in macarons every day!

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3. I’m obsessed with anything preppy! Stripes, dots, navy, white, pink, oxfords, plaids, chambray, sperry’s – you name it! I can’t walk into J.Crew without buying something and my wardrobe is slowly becoming extra preppy!

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4. The first time I ever took a career assessment test it told me I should be a nurse, the second time I took the test, it told me I should be a marine biologist! REALLY? I work in corporate retail and am extremely happy I never listened to those job placement tests – I pass out at the thought of needles, pretty sure I could not be a nurse! 🙂

currently I work at the {free people} home office!!
5. I have started a diet every single Monday for the the past 6 years… it usually lasts until lunch on that particular Monday!  When I break my diet on Monday, I tell myself I’ll start on Tuesday… and so on!  I hate dieting (and clearly can’t stick to it), but I love yoga!

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Thank you Christin for having me!!! xxoo.