concert time

Last night my boyfriend and I saw Foster the People in Central Park. Yes, it was awesome. Also, I’m pretty sure that aside from the children, I was the only sober person at the concert. That is, assuming the children hadn’t been drinking.  Even I know that when you’re sick you shouldn’t drink.

I was going to bring my real camera but I thought that crowds + possible rain + camera = bad combination. So you’ll just need to excuse the amazing quality of my iPhone photos.

You see that sky? Yea…it didn’t end well.

With about 15 minutes left of the concert, the sky started to fall in the form of giant rain drops. And it didn’t stop. So we walked the 13 blocks home in the pouring rain. I am so glad I wore the shoes that I did and I was very bitter that I didn’t bring an umbrella. We definitely got some strange looks on 5th Ave, that is for sure.

I had an “after the rain outfit post” but I think I’ll save that for a rainy day. No pun intended. Or was it?