dramatic much?

Sometimes, I am dramatic. Most of the time, I’m overly dramatic. But here’s the thing guys, and yes I am about to toot the hell out of my own horn, when I’m bitching about how incredibly hard my life is you are more than likely laughing.

But when you’re talking about getting a cold and missing date night or something equally lame, no one is laughing and everyone is rolling their eyes.

You got that? Spoiled brat, unless done will and with extreme finesse, isn’t funny and makes people want to slap you across the face.

Oh my god, you got your hair dyed and it’s like totally too dark and you don’t know if you like it ‘cuz like, when you look in the mirror it’s super weird? Please go on about all of your #whitegirlproblems.


That girl that stole all of your wedding ideas should definitely be burned at the stake. Oh wait…you aren’t engaged, nor do you have a boyfriend? So what you’re saying is that you both pinned all the same shit? Stop it.

What I’m getting at is that blogs are where people go to see pretty things, learn something new or be entertained (which is why you’re here), not to be an attendee at your pity party. Don’t abuse your audience; just because they’re “captive” doesn’t mean that you need to guilt them into pity comments. It’s not cute.