current green beauty faves

You may not know this about me, but I’m a bit of a product whore. It’s a problem especially since storage space in my bathroom is a hot commodity. Welcome to urban living, people. It’s really super glamorous. Anyway, I’ve been hot on the trail of some new-to-me and hopefully new-to-you green beauty products that any gal should love. Of course they’re green. It’s my thing. They aren’t weird though, I can assure you of that.

current green beauty faves | via

boscia moisturizer // tarte concealer // soapwalla deodorant cream // alterna bamboo shampoo + conditioner

Alright peeps, let’s get down to business. I kept this short on purpose because I have a tendency to go on and on about these things.

Boscia Moisturizer: This is, hands down, the best moisturizer I’ve come across in quite some time. It is 100% perfect for summer. Why? Oh, I’ll tell you. It’s light, non-greasy, super moisturizing and has SPF 30. But also, the packaging is really pretty. And I love all things Boscia. You will not reget this purchase. Trust me.
Tarte Concealer: Lately, I have some serious under eye circles and this concealer has been my best friend. It goes on smoothly, doesn’t crease and the best part of it is that it has enough coverage but is so natural that you can also use it as a foundation. I will be doing this as it gets warmer around these here parts.
Soapwalla Deodorant Cream: You. Guys. I have found it. The best all-natural deodorant that ACTUALLY works. Yes, it really does work. No weird smell, no huge sweaty marks, no clumping and most importantly no smelly-ness. I’m a really sweaty person, I admit it, and this is seriously the best natural deodorant I’ve come across and I could not be happier about it. I want to send the people at Soapwalla a care package to thank them. That is how great this is.
• Alterna Bamboo Shampoo + Conditioner: First off, this stuff smells absolutely amazing. Secondly, it tames the heck out of my mane. The shampoo isn’t drying at all and the conditioner is really moisturizing without being heavy. I. am. in. love.
Any questions?