world’s (second) largest garden gnome

I really hate to discount the grounds of the Vanderbilt Mansion at Hyde Park but you guys, I “met” the world’s (second) largest garden gnome! Okay, apparently since this gnome was erected, a larger one hopped onto the scene but this is the world’s largest in New York, so whatever. And yes, I have a thing for garden gnomes, because I’m weird. Deal with it.

Moving along, after we went to the Vanderbilt Mansion we had burgers because that is my favorite food and because it was my birthday the day before. I do what I want. Then we drove around, like all over the place. This is what happens when you live in a city without a car, someone hands you car keys and you go exploring like Lewis & Clark, but without all the non-amenities. While looking for things to do around Sundown mountain, I stumbled upon this. So my boif promptly pulled into the nearest gas station for hydration and directions. Needless to say, Chomsky and I were fast friends. He said he’d text me, but I’m not holding my breath. He was a little stoned…(ha).

So we saw the country house, ate, drove around, saw my new bff Choms, and went to dinner at the CIA. When I promptly doubted every decision I’ve made up until then.





me and the second largest garden gnome

I was SO excited! Couldn’t even help myself. Yes, I’m wearing birks, no I don’t care. DEAL WITH IT.

hudson valley ny

FDR Bridge NY

culinary institute of america hyde park ny

Lest you thought this was the end of the Hyde Park posts, you thought wrong! I have more, guys. Just for you. Apparently I should go away every week and only work two days because then I’ll have a ton of blog content. Did you miss some posts? Don’t worry! Check out parts one & two.

what I’m wearing: tee (on sale!) // pants (on sale!) // sandals // sunglasses