valentine’s day

Growing up with a grandmother who had a Valentine’s Day birthday definitely changed my perception of the day. Yes, I got presents from my parents and grandparents and took Valentine’s to school but I was usually more excited for dinner at Grandma’s.

Like most girls, my grandmother played a large role in my life growing up. We lived blocks away from her and I spent countless hours of my youth playing in her kitchen and playing “shop” in my Grandpa’s workshop. Yes, I had my own toolbox, you know you’re jealous.

But now, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, I think of my grandmother fondly and remember all the good times we shared with her. All the amazing meals, treats and fun she provided. That woman could cook. Every dinner was a feast. Perhaps it’s because my parent’s aren’t big “celebration” people or because I’m not huge into gift giving (yes I realize this is hugely controversial as a blogger) but to me, today isn’t about candy, flowers and an unusually special dinner – it’s just Grandma’s birthday.

Today would have been her 95th birthday and if I think about it too much, it makes me sad of all the things she hasn’t seen but I know she’d be very proud. Also, those two below are a big reason why I have such good hair. Grandpa’s hair was pretty awesome too.