the mattress debacle

It should come as no surprise at all that my entire life consists of the following: white girl problems & first world problems. In fact, I’m pretty sure these two gang up on me regularly.

And such was the case last Thursday.

I had to leave work around 1:30 to make sure that I was home for the 2-4pm delivery window. That I could do. I got home around 2:03 with no sign of the delivery dudes. I settled into my desk to get some work done when I realized that I should eat lunch but obviously before I ate, I needed to wash my hands.

Voila! No running water in my apartment, or the building for that matter. Seriously?

Now I’m pretty hungry and my hands are dirty and like…why? So the delivery guys bring in the king mattress, which I’m fairly certain is one of the best things ever, and being a freak that I am I want to immediately get the new linens on and everything. And this is where the real fun starts.

I had been prepared, dammit. I did my due diligence and made sure that I would have the proper sized linens in time for the new mattress. And the linens I had? They were way too big. And I wanted to hang myself with the flat sheet from the shelf in the closet.

Now I have no sheets, no running water and I’m starving and my hands are dirty. My life is a joke.

I proceed to walk the 1.5 miles to Homegoods which is on the west side to procure new linens and two king sized pillows. That was so much fun.

But now we have sheets, water and I’m fed so I guess it could have been worse but when it happened, I wanted to lay down on Columbus Ave and end it all.

Life is not worth living without the proper linens and dirty hands. Lesson learned.