tea time

I’ll admit it, I’m a wee bit obsessed with tea and have become a bit of a tea snob. If what they say is true, admitting you have a problem is the first step, so I’m on the right path. But I’m not just obsessed with any tea, no sir. I basically live for David’s Tea. And no, they haven’t compensated me at all for this post, I’m just that into them.

Word on the street is that lots of other people like tea too, so I thought I’d share my current favorites.

tea time

I praise the day Kathy recommended North African Mint. I love this tea and I drink it everyday. Green tea and mint is an amazing combination. Normally, green tea makes me feel the slightest bit nauseous  but this doesn’t. It’s the best green tea I’ve ever tried and it’s organic. Huge plus!

Forever Nuts is a caffeine free favorite of mine that just tastes amazing. Now, if you’re allergic to nuts, it’s probably not a good choice. But I think it tastes like apple cinnamon nut muffins aka heaven.

This Cinnamon Roobios Chai is a new one in the rotation. If you like cinnamon, you’ll love this tea and it’s also organic and caffeine free. It’s perfectly sweet with the slightest touches of orange and lemon. It’s what I drink when I want a cookie around 3pm.

When it’s time for bed, I like to unwind with Sweet Dreams. It’s a perfect blend of chamomile, lemongrass, hibiscus, licorice, lemon, orange and rose petals. I secretly love how the rose petals color the tea. I drink my tea in this mug, so I can watch the tea steep. It’s one of my favorite parts. I know, I need help.

Do you like tea? What are some of your favorites?