take a seat

I make no bones about being one of the most indecisive people in the world when it comes to spending money. This may seem odd to those of you know actually know me but I get serious buyers remorse and instantly hate everything that I once loved.

It’s an issue.

And on that note, I need a desk chair. But here’s the thing, it has to be semi-comfortable because I’m semi-crippled. Not really, but my back is nothing short of jacked and I’ve got the physical therapy bills to prove it. That adds to the level of difficulty oh and I live in NYC so obviously I don’t have a ton of room for a desk, let alone a chair.

I had every intention of making a lovely collage for you, but let’s face it, I’m lazy. Which is another post for another day.

This chair is a serious amount of fun, but is it going to make me want to throw it out the window by being uncomfortable?

fifi folding chair

Then I think something like this would be a good idea, then I remember that I don’t have a lot of space for said desk chair.

 the piper

When logic gets the best of me and says “hey Christin, why don’t you get another chair for the kitchen table and use it at your desk?”

lina leather folding chair

Help. Seriously. This is a 911 seating emergency.