strawberry banana ice cream

Just because I’ve finished the whole30 doesn’t mean I’m going to stop posting healthy recipes. Sorry I’m not sorry. You’ll just have to deal with it, okay?

Sometimes when you’re trying to be extra healthy you need to have something to eat that tastes like it’s bad for you. I remembered pinning something about an ice cream recipe with two ingredients. So I hunted through my pinboards and found this. I tried it once, and thought it was ‘meh’ at best. Then I got a little overzealous and came up with a ton of super tasty all ideas that were all whole30 NOT approved. Back to the drawing board I went. Until I was cruisin’ the frozen aisle at Whole Foods and saw a bag of frozen strawberries and bananas.

That is when Strawberry Banana Ice Cream was born. This is dairy and sugar free (you’re welcome). I like to classify this as guiltless ice cream.

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream
2 frozen bananas [you’ll want to slice up these mofos before you freeze them. I found that slicing them on plastic wrap and covering well and laying flat in the freezer worked best]
3 tbs nut butter of choice [I used almond]
1 bag of frozen strawberries & bananas [or whatever you want]
1/2 can of coconut milk

Put the bananas into the food processor and process until smooth. It is going to take a while so be patient [I wasn’t good at this step]. Once the bananas are blended, add in the other fruit and blend for a bit. Stream in coconut milk to aide in the blending.

I put it in a container and let it firm up for about an hour before chowing down. If you eat it right as you make it, it’s a soft-serve consistency. If you let it get it’s freeze on that shit is hard as a rock, so be warned.