some forest

On Friday we went to some forest in Northern California where there are Redwoods. I’m pretty sure we were by Santa Cruz but I wasn’t paying too much attention.   That isn’t true at all, I knew where the hell I was.

What pissed me off? I did not know I was going on a hike and my new riding boots were not appropriate. Also, I’d like to thank the GAP for being assholes who make shitty pants because as soon as I got out of the car and did the “pull-up”, the freaking waist band ripped off my pants. And at that very moment I wanted to burn down the forest.

I did get some good photos courtesy of my bomb dot com iPhone. So enjoy. You’ll see a lot of moss and some big ass trees.

My mom is small, but the tree is ginormous. Funny story, she walked out of her bedroom with Tory Burch flats on and I said, “really? you’re wearing flats to the damn woods?” Hilarious.