santa, you hear me?

Tis the season for gift guides, more desserts than usual and collages of shit that bloggers want. Not being a total conformist, I opted out of gift guides mostly because I’m a huge fan of gift cards and not having to wrap a thing. That could be because I’m lazy or because I can’t be inconvenienced. Either way, none of the recipients are complaining so shut it.

I’ve put together an old-fashioned list of some ish that I would like under my “tree” or in my living room when I get home at night because that’s where the packages magically appear.

1. Hat. Self-explanatory, I think. It get’s cold here and I’d like to avoid frostbite.
2. The most amazing boots that have ever been made. Ever. I’m thinking about egg donation to buy these guys.
3. What isn’t to love about this bag? Structured, check! Classic, you betcha.
4. A fun sweater.
5. This has a wolf on it. I rest my case.
6. A pretty top for layering.

What’s on your list?